Saturday, February 16, 2008

Judge Not

Hey Guys!I invited a friend over. Goes by the name "Xi."
We'll try to keep the noise down while you sleep.

Xi, You here?


Xi said...


Dougman said...

Sorry about the delay.
Did you get a chance to look around the place?

daddyquatro said...

Welcome, xi.
Sorry for the delay. Haven't been around here lately.

Gwen said...

Stopping by to see if anything interesting has been said over here . . . looks a little quiet. :o/

Dougman said...
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Dougman said...

Oh shit!
Xi? I forgot to warn you to not disturb the Monster when he's sleeping.
Limbs have been known to be ripped off and used to beat the poor bastards senseless.
But he does let them go after a complete thrashing.

Hey Gwen! How's the Fishing?

Have you found any body parts layin' around?
Blood trails?