Friday, January 4, 2008

E3: Forty Second Boyd and the Big Picture

Bill has a great new essay, called Forty Second Boyd and the Big Picture


daddyquatro said...

I made a comment

The Monster said...

So did I

Paul A. said...

Me, too...
Have to ponder the possibility of devising a way to get inside the OODA Loop of the leftist MSM, even Al Qaeda in its use of same, and the internet, in the Information War. Crtical Thinking thoughts?
Paul A.

Dougman said...

How about a reality show exclusive to Pajamas Media?

Starting out with small 5 minute/bite sized videos.

Dougman said...

Or not a reality show but someplace for Bill to try out his sreenplays.

Any good CHEAP actors laying around.

Dougman said...

Dear Doug,
Here is your horoscope
for Tuesday, January 8:

You are feeling a bit out of sorts socially -- an unusual situation, to say the least! It may be a good time for you to hang back and let others lead the way, or even to just withdraw for the time being.

What a good idea!

Sometimes You make perfect sense.

Mad Fiddler said...

Just followed your link from Belmont, Dougman, and it looks like you all have created a very nice space over here.

I'll try not to besmirch it with my usual untidy and intellectually barren posts.

Believe it or not, I did a bunch of illustrations a few years back for a highschool textbook with a title something like "Learning Critical Thinking." It really was a surprisingly lucid text, by Southwest Publishing in Cincinnati.

Seemed like an unusual example of a public education textbook that actually was designed to help students learn how to evaluate logic and truth. Weird.

I hope your website is very successful for you.

Dougman said...

My Website, hmmm..let's see, how shall I put this.

umm...clears throat..

Hey thanks Fiddler!
You wouldn't believe the work I put into this site!
None of these other guys had anything to do with all the hassles of putting something like this together. You know like, uh,.. whatever it is I did to put this,.. to get her.
Oh who am I kidding Daddy-Quatro sent me a link and the rest will be His story. heh heh

Dougman said...

Hey Guys!
I invited a friend over. Goes by the name "Xi."
We'll try to keep the noise down while you sleep.

You here?