Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Honor among weasels

Drudge had some interesting documents on his site today. The post and links are gone now but they revealed something that finally crystallized in my mind today.
I’m not going to recap the entire Scott Beauchamp/Shock Troop saga. If you need background you can start here.
(Full disclosure. I have never served in the military but I have the greatest respect for those who have.)
The thing that first struck me about the whole Scott Thomas/New Republic afair was the complete lack of honor so proudly on display.
1st The lack of honor portrayed in the original stories.
2nd The lack of honor displayed by Scott Thomas by writing those stories about his comrades in arms.
3rd The lack of honor promoted by The New Republic to actively seek out and publish such stories about our armed services during time of war.

Then I read the transcript of a telephone conversation between Scott Beauchamp and the editors of The New Republic.
This exchange jumped out at me.

Beauchamp: Well, I mean I know I… and I’m sorry. But like I said- I’m not, I’ve decided, and it’s a personal decision – I’m not commenting to the media past, present or future military experiences.

Scoblic: Scott, you can’t honestly lump us in with “the media” you know – we published three of your pieces, your wife works for the magazine- you know. /snip besides which, over the last six weeks you know, Frank and the editors and the writers have put tremendous effort into finding out what was going on, making sure that you were okay via a number of pretty high channels. /snip Trying to take care of this and trying to take care of you and your reputation from any number of angles. I mean, I gotta tell you- being lumped in with the quote, unquote media is a little ridiculous. I think we deserve to be accorded a little bit of a special place in this situation, don’t you?

This is what is so rich.
Appealing to honor of a man whose express lack of honor was the big attraction from the start.

Live by the shame.
Die by the shame.

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